Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We threw our first kids Halloween party last Saturday! Everyone arrived in festive attire which I now realize should be a celebrated feat when you've got a toddler or two in tow! So...many thanks to all our guests!!! It was a blast but man are we pumped it's over!
LS & J

The vintage striped tablecloth set the stage for our organic tablescape. 
The carrot pumpkin-face brought a whimsical touch reminding us that this was, after all, a children's party!
 Janice embellished these standard paper lanterns with mischievous faces.
The plates and cups were sourced through and the decal ghost faces are from Martha Stewart Crafts.
The hay bales were purchased at Underwood Farms and provided the perfect seating for our wee ones.
 The spider web and amusing balloon faces were again crafted by Janice. 
Guests were greeted by a sneaky peeking skeleton strategically positioned behind a bush.
A pumpkin and mask crafts table was set up for the kids to decorate. The parents took charge of the carving.
The kiddos made the party come to life. So many personalities and so much cuteness! 

 Halloween gave me the perfect excuse to pull out part of my extensive tin type collection. They lent the perfect creepy touch.
I MUST devise a more permanent installation...I love these relics!!!
 The dessert table was set up inside so to keep the children at bay. The tactic surprisingly worked!
The banner and gift bags were sourced from Martha Stewart Crafts. The marshmallow ghost bags and cookies were homemade.
And lastly, the deliciously sinful cupcakes were baked by Susie Cakes.

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  1. Fabulous job girls, stealing all these ideas for next year!